Bloons TD
The Bloons TD logo
Developer(s) Digital Goldfish
Ninja Kiwi
Publisher(s) Ninja Kiwi
PlayStation Platform(s) PSP, PS3 (as downloadable content)
Release date(s) Feburary 22, 2011
Genre Tower Defense
Rating(s) E
Mode(s) Single Player
Bloons TD is a PSN minis game for the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Portable. The game is based off of Bloons Tower Defense 3. The game is widely based off of the popular online Bloons Tower Defense series. The game focuses on specific maps where the player must place 'towers' to defend the map from letting 'bloons' pass. The game offers 8 towers and 3 temporary defenses. The game lets the player choose a difficulty level on each map; Easy, Medium, and Hard. As the difficulty level goes up, the bloons go through the paths much faster and towers cost more. The game also has a life system. On each difficulty level, there is a different amount of lives. Easy difficulty has 100 lives, Medium has 75, and Hard has 50. The game also offers a money system. Money is aquired from popping bloons and completing rounds. Money can be used to buy new defenses.



There are 8 towers in the game, all with there unique abilites.

Dart MonkeyEdit

The Dart Monkey shoots a single dart at bloons.

Tack ShooterEdit

The Tack Shooter shoots tacks in 8 directions.

Ice BallEdit

The Ice Ball freezes nearby bloons.


The Boomerang monkey throws boomerangs at bloons.


The Spike-o-pult launchs a spiked ball at bloons.


The Cannon launches a bomb that blows up on contact with bloons.


Does not attack, however it does increase the range of nearby towers. Can be upgraded to call in a Super Monkey Storm.

Super MonkeyEdit

The Super Monkey throws dart very rapidly at bloons. Can be upgraded to have better range and laser/plasma vision.

Temporary DefensesEdit


The Pineapple explodes 3 seconds after being placed.

Road SpikesEdit

The Road Spikes pops up to 10 layers of bloons.

Monkey GlueEdit

The Monkey Glue slows down up to 20 bloons.

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