Cheats for Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back.

100+ LivesEdit

Needed: 99 Lives.

The game usually stops adding on lives when your lives hit 99. However, there is a way to pass 99. Make sure you have 99 lives before you go into a level. Go into any level and then get a life. When the life is about to slide over to your other lives, pause the game when it is still in 'mid-air'. Select 'Warp Room' and then check your lives. You should have 100. Repeat this process to get more than 100 lives.

Note: If another life is added in the level with 100+ lives, the life marker will go back to 99.

Bonus VideoEdit

Hold Left + Circle + L1 + R1 when the PlayStation logo appears.

Note: This only works in the Japanese version.

More time in race levelsEdit

In levels where you must race for a gem, it's possible to get more time. Enter the bonus round while the clock is running. Once there, fall into a pit. When you re-spawn, the clock will have reset with more time.