Cole MacGrath
Cole MacGrath
Cole, as seen in InFAMOUS 2
Full Name Cole MacGrath
First Appearance InFAMOUS
Species Human Mutant
Alliance(s) Zeke
Affiliation(s) Good/Evil (Depending on player's choice)
Latest Appearance InFAMOUS: Festival of Blood
Portrayed by Jason Cottle (Infamous)
Eric Ladin (all other appearances)
Series InFAMOUS (Series)
Cole MacGrath is the main protagonist of the InFAMOUS series.



Cole was an ordinary delivery man. Until one day when he was delivering a package somewhere. He opned the box for the customer and all of the sudden, there was a giant explosion from the box (The Ray Sphere is what exploded). The explosion spared no one. No one except Cole. Cole was somehow spared from the giant explosion and overtime, learned to control the new electical powers he was granted. Everyone thought that Cole had meant to make the giant electical explosion (hench his powers) because he was very close to the crime scene when it happened. Therefore becoming "infamous" (hence the name of the series) to the people. Cole then had a huge scar on his right side of his face from the explosion.


Spoiler warning!
This article contains plot details.

Cole has many abilities, especially with his electrical powers.

Introduced in InFAMOUSEdit


Cole can climb various things.


With his hands, Cole can make electricity 'bounce' very quickly off his hands. When used to take down an enemy, it counts has heroic XP. When a enemy is trapped by an arc resistant and Cole uses this to execute them, it is counted has evil XP.


Cole can take life essence away from enemies or people to heal himself. This counts has 1 evil XP (Named "Drain" for regular enemies and "Dark Feast" for Conduits).

Electrical HealingEdit

When there is a civilian injured, Cole can use his hands to simulate cardiac defibrillators and zap the person back to normal state. This counts as 3 heroic XP (Named "Healing Touch").

Electric GrenadeEdit

Cole can make a makeshift grenade out of electricity and throw it. When an enemy is taken down by it, it counts as heroic XP (for a take down (from start) and a live capture (if the player has upgraded it enough)).

Lightning StormEdit

Cole can make lightning rain down from the sky for a short while. This does massive amounts of damage to enemies, cars, giant conduits, and civilians (usually one hit take down for cars, enemies, and people). This was shown at the beginning of InFAMOUS (when Cole was trying to escape the crater), but it was uninteninal because Cole could not yet control his powers. This is called 'Iconic Storm' in InFAMOUS 2.

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