First Appearance Croc: Legend of the Gobbos
Species Crocodile
Alliance(s) Good
Affiliation(s) The Gobbos
Latest Appearance Croc 2
Portrayed by N/A
Series Croc
Croc is the main character of his self-titled series.


Croc is a friendly crocodile who is ready to save his Gobbo friends at any time. He is also curious about who his birth parents are and is determined to find them.



The Gobbo King Rufus is watching the sunset when he notices a small basket in the lake, containing a small, screaming baby crocodile. The Gobbos raise him and train him to become one of their own. Croc eventually grows to twice the size of a normal Gobbo.

Croc: Legend of the GobbosEdit

All is peaceful, until one day, one of the Gobbos shouts out a warning... "Dantinis!". Suddenly, the evil Baron Dante arrives and invades Gobbo Island with the help of his demon rascals, the Dantinis. He imprisons many of the Gobbos, most notably their King, whom he keeps in a steel cage within his castle island. Before the Gobbo King is taken, he strikes a magical gong that summons a yellow bird called Beany. Beany shrinks Croc before whisking him away to safety. Croc then goes on a quest to free all the Gobbos and defeat the evil Baron Dante himself.

Croc 2Edit

Following directly after Baron Dante's defeat, Croc and the Gobbos have resumed their peaceful lives. However, Dante's followers, the Dantinis, are plotting his return. The Dantinis capture a Gobbo inventor and force him to watch Dante's return.

Back on a beach at Gobbo Valley, Croc finds a bottle washed up on shore. Inside is a message with a baby crocodile's footprint on it. Upon reading the message, Croc finds out that the senders are looking for their son. Taking the message to King Rufus, Croc is told that he must go to a far away land filled with other Gobbos. These Gobbos might be able to help Croc find his parents.

A seesaw is then made by the Gobbos. With Croc standing on one end, a Gobbo pushed a boulder down onto the other end. Croc is send flying to the main land and his search begins.


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