Croc 2
196999 50235 front
Developer(s) Argonaut Software
Publisher(s) Fox Interactive (NA, EU)
Koei (JP)
PlayStation Platform(s) PS1
Release date(s) June 30, 1999 (NA)
August 3, 1999 (EU)
september 2, 1999 (JP)
Genre Platform
Rating(s) E
Mode(s) Single Player
Croc 2, also known as Croc Adventure in Japan, is the sequel to Croc: Legend of the Gobbos.


Following directly after Baron Dante's defeat, Croc and the Gobbos have resumed their peaceful lives. However, Dante's followers, the Dantinis, are plotting his return. The Dantinis capture a Gobbo inventor and force him to watch Dante's return.

Back on a beach at Gobbo Valley, Croc finds a bottle washed up on shore. Inside is a message with a baby crocodile's footprint on it. Upon reading the message, Croc finds out that the senders are looking for their son. Taking the message to King Rufus, Croc is told that he must go to a far away land filled with other Gobbos. These Gobbos might be able to help Croc find his parents.

A seesaw is then made by the Gobbos. With Croc standing on one end, a Gobbo pushed a boulder down onto the other end. Croc is send flying to the main land and his search begins.


The game consists of four Gobbo villages that Croc must go through:

  • Sailor Village
  • Cossack Village
  • Caveman Village
  • Inca Village

There are five levels per village and two bosses. The Inca Village is an exception as it only has two levels and one boss. In addition, each village has a Golden Gobbo level. Upon completing the fourth village, Croc travels to Dante's Tower of Power. There is also a hidden fifth village that is unlocked upon collecting all of the game's jigsaw pieces. This village is a corrupted version of Gobbo Village that was created by Dante.


Unlike the previous game, Croc must now complete various tasks in the levels instead of finding six Gobbos.

In addition, the health system has been revamped; instead of Croc having multiple lives, he has only one. However, he also has a heart count that goes up to nine. Each time Croc is hit or falls into bottomless/lava pits, he loses a heart. Hearts can be refilled by collecting heart tokens or 100 crystals. The heart meter starts at three but can be increased having Croc buy Hearts Pots from Swap Meet Pete.

Swap Meet Pete is an anthropomorphic cat who owns a general store. In addition to selling Heart Pots, he can teleport Croc to other Gobbo villages.

In this game, Croc also now has an extra jump. This jump is triggered by stomping and rapidly pressing the jump button before Croc hits the ground.

In some levels, Croc can also ride in vehicles such as mine carts, a race car, speedboat, hot-air balloon, hang-glider, and an airplane.


  • The game's working title was Croc 2: Kingdoms of the Gobbos.
  • The game was going to have a Western village filled with cowboys and Native Americans but it was scrapped.
  • The game was going to have an underwater stage that was ultimately scrapped.


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