Dark Spyro
First Appearance Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure
Species Dragon
Alliance(s) Good
Affiliation(s) Master Eon
The Skylanders
Latest Appearance Skylanders: Swap Force
Portrayed by Josh Keaton
Series Skylanders
You may be looking for the Dark Spyro from The Legend of Spyro series.

Dark Spyro, also known as Dark Mega Ram Spyro as of series 3, is the alter-ego of Spyro the Dragon.


Dark Spyro first appeared when The Darkness attempted to corrupted the Core of Light. Thanks to Master Eon, Spyro was changed back to normal. Over time, Spyro began to learn how to control dark magic, allowing him to once again transform into Dark Spyro. His brave heart and careful control are what allow Spyro to use this form without fear of falling into darkness.



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