Dragon EldersA group of dragons.
First Appearance Spyro: A Hero's Tail
Species Dragons
Alliance(s) Neutral
Affiliation(s) Spyro the Dragon
Latest Appearance Spyro: Shadow Legacy
Portrayed by N/A
Series Spyro the Dragon
Dragons are the most prominent species in the Spyro the Dragon series' partial reboot.

Spyro: A Hero's TailEdit

At the start of the game, an evil dragon named Red is seen planting Dark Gems throughout the Dragon Realms. Spyro's mission is to stop him and in order to do so, he must learn skills from a group of dragons called the Dragon Elders. It is later revealed that Red himself used to be a Dragon Elder.

As a side quest, Spyro must retrieve eighty Dragon Eggs for a nanny dragon named Mrs. Shoutfire. In addition, two other dragons around Spyro's age are seen. Their names are Ember and Flame. Even though Ember appears to be meant as a one-sided love interest for Spyro, she, along with Flame, only appear once in the story.

Spyro: Shadow LegacyEdit

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Dragons are once again the focus of this game. Notable dragons introduced in this game are Cho-Lei and Ragnar (Sensei); Dragon Elders, Kaitlin; a dragon who resembles Mrs. Shoutfire, and The Sorcerer; an evil dragon who was controlling Red. In addition, Ember and Flame make reappearances, as do the Dragon Elders from A Hero's Tail.

Types of DragonsEdit

Dragon EldersEdit

Dragon Elders act as the leaders of the Dragon Realms. They teach Spyro what he needs to know in order to defeat Red and, in Shadow Legacy, The Sorcerer. Most of the Dragon Elders share names with dragons from Spyro the Dragon.

Red used to be a Dragon Elder as well. However, when he turned down the path of evil, he was banished. However, he was welcomed back at the end of Shadow Legacy.

Regular DragonsEdit

The majority of dragons, while never fully seen, are implied to be regular dragons. Notable examples include Mrs. Shoutfire, Flame, and Ember.

Purple DragonsEdit

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In Shadow Legacy, purple dragons are hinted at being special due to their coloration and rarity. The only purple dragons in the game are Spyro and The Sorcerer.

Dragon EggsEdit

Dragon Eggs serve as collectables for Spyro. In A Hero's Tail, there are eight sets of ten. Collecting full sets unlock special features such as making Spyro look like Ember and Flame. The Dragon Eggs return in Shadow Legacy. If Spyro finds thirty eggs, Kaitlin will teach Spyro a spell to transform himself into one.

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