Gran Turismo 4
Gran Turismo 4
Series Gran Turismo
Developer(s) Polyphony Digital
Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment
PlayStation Platform(s) PlayStation 2
Release date(s) JP December 28, 2004

NA February 22, 2005, EU March 9, 2005

Genre Racing
Rating(s) 3
Gran Turismo 4 (commonly abbreivated as GT4) is a racing game developed by Polyphony Digital and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 2 on 2004 and 2005. It was the final Gran Turismo game for the PlayStation 2 . The game also was put in Sony's Greatest Hits and considered the best Gran Turismo game. Tourist Trophy was also created by Polyphony Digital used the same engine as GT4. The game also is one of the four HD compatible games.


The game features over 700 cars from 80 different manufacturers and has 51 tracks. Like every Gran Turismo game, It has license tests, The driver has to complete the objective in certain time limit. Overall performance considers if the driver get a Bronze, Silver or Gold. Completing each license test gives you a license from the test you picked. The Player can earn points by winning races and can spend on cars. Also, Driving Missions were put in the game. Its really simular to the license tests. Like in some Gran Turismo games you get prize cars for missions. There are 34 missions.  Also, a photo mode was included to let the player explore their car.

Disc ProblemsEdit

Due to game being HD compatible. The PlayStation 2 laser needs to be very clean and powerful. There have been many reports of endless black screens and disc cannot be read or even not working after the intro. This is common with most PlayStation 2 games, Some copies are incompatible with the PlayStation 2 Slimline


Gran Turismo 4 gained very very good reviews. The game is known as the best Gran Turismo game to some fans and critics. It had gained a score by Metacritic of 89/100. Jeremy Clarkson, also is a great fan of the game. The game was so good it gained 3 Awards, E3 2003 Awards: Best Racing Game, IGN: 5th Best PS2 game and gave it a award for Best Racing Game of all-time. 

By March 2013, Gran Turismo 4 had shipped 1.27 million copies in Japan, 3.47 million copies in North America, 6.82 million copies in Europe and 180,000 copies in Asia for a total of 11.73 copies across the world. It is the second highest Gran Turismo game in the series. Ahead of Gran Turismo but behind of Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec.


  • Gran Turismo 4 was featured in a Top Gear episode, Jeremy Clarkson compared the game to real life. He drove a Honda NSX around Laguna Seca in Gran Turismo 4 then drove it again, but this time in real life at Laguna Seca.

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