Hints for Crash Bandicoot: Warped.

Platinum TimesEdit

When you get a gold relic in a level, it doesn't show the time for a Platinum relic. There is a way to see the platinum times. To see the platinum times, you need to get 100% (all crystals and all gems) and defeat Cortex. It will then show platinum times for all levels (once you get a gold relic for a level).


Most games only go up to 100% but Crash Bandicoot: Warped goes up to 105%. To get 105%, you need to get all the crystals, gems, and relics (Sapphire at least) in the main platform. Then, go to the middle platform and collect all the gems and relics. You will then have 105%[*].

[*] You must get at least all gold relics.

Levels 26-30Edit

There is a extra warp room. To get the extra levels, you need to get at least 5 sapphire relics then you will have unlocked the middle platform that takes you to the secret warp room. Getting the 5 relics will only give you Ski Crazed (Level 26). To get the rest, get the following amount of relics:

  • Hang'em High (Secret Enterance to Level 7, Labelled as Level 27): 10 sapphire relics
  • Area 51? (Level 28): 15 sapphire relics
  • Future Frenzy (Secret Enterance to Level 19, Labelled as level 29): 20 sapphire relics
  • Rings of Power (Level 30): 25 sapphire relics

Secret LevelsEdit

There are 2 secret levels: 31 and 32. Hot Coco, secret level 31, can be accessed by crashing into an alien sign in the Road Crash level. Eggipus Rex, secret level 32, can be accessed by going to the yellow gem path in Dino Might and letting the second pterodactyl fly away with Crash.

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