Kessler, as he appears in InFAMOUS
Full Name Cole MacGrath
First Appearance InFAMOUS
Species Human Mutant
Alliance(s) N/A
Affiliation(s) First Sons
Latest Appearance PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (As a costume for Good Cole)
Portrayed by Sam Mowry
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This article contains plot details.

Kessler, or Cole MacGrath is the main antagonist of InFAMOUS. He is a future version of Cole who came back in time to make sure that his past self didn't run away from "The Beast", like Kessler did.

Battle with Cole (inFAMOUS)Edit

Kessler's battle with Cole consists of a much more higher powered Cole at Ground Zero. Kessler has many powers, all electric-based (like Cole).


  • Kessler is the only boss in inFAMOUS with a health bar.

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