Media Dimension
Gex 1 - Media DimensionThe Media Dimension as seen in Gex.
Type Cyberspace
Region(s) TV channels
Inhabitants Rez, assorted enemies
Games Gex
Gex: Enter the Gecko
Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko
The Media Dimension is the main hub world where the Gex series takes place. Initially ruled by Rez in the first game, the Media Dimension was liberated by Gex. It is home to all of the world's tv channels.


In Gex, the Media Dimension takes the form of a large dome with four smaller hub worlds. Each hub world contains a boss who must be defeated in order to proceed. There is a secret world in the Media Dimension called Planet X. In addition, Rez's world, Rezopolis, is located in the middle of the dome.


  • Cemetery - Frankie and Heli, Grave Danger, Tomato Soup, Disco Inferno, Spin-n-Puke (Boss)
  • New Toonland - Twin Towers, Pow!, Rock It!, Knock! Knock! (Optional), The Flatulator (Boss)
  • Jungle Isle - Feeding Frenzy, Congo Chaos, Jungle Gym (Boss)
  • Kung Fuville - Sumo City, Fish Bait, Chop Chop, Toxic Turtle (Boss)
  • Rezopolis - Rez Knight Fever, On the Move, Rez' Lair (Boss)
  • Planet X - Saucer Section, Free Fall, Bombs Away, Newton's Fourth Law, Head to Head, The Project, The Web, Clothesline

Gex: Enter the GeckoEdit

In Gex: Enter the Gecko, the Media Dimension takes the form of an ancient dragon-like temple in the clouds. This temple is separated into gated sections which can only be passed by collecting enough remotes and defeating Rez's new bosses.


  • Toon TV - Out of Toon, Fine Tooning
  • Scream TV - Smellraiser, Frankensteinfeld, Poltergex, Thursday The 12th (Bonus), Texas Chainsaw Manicure (Secret)
  • Kung-Fu Theater - Mao Tse Tongue, Samurai Night Fever, Lizard In A China Shop (Bonus)
  • Circuit Central - WWW.Dotcom.Com, Honey I Shrunk the Gecko, Chips And Dips (Bonus)
  • The Pre-History Channel - Pangaea 90210, This Old Cave, Lava Dabba Doo (Secret)
  • Rocket Channel - The Umpire Strikes Out, Pain in the Asteroids
  • Rezopolis - No Weddings And A Funeral, Bugged Out (Bonus), I Got The Reruns (Bonus), Mazed and Confused (Secret)
  • Gilligex Isle (Boss)
  • Mooshoo Pork (Boss)
  • Gexzilla vs. Mecharez (Boss)
  • Channel Z (Boss)

Gex 3: Deep Cover GeckoEdit

While the Media Dimension is never properly seen in-game, the Gex Cave is located somewhere in there. In addition, three of the Media Dimension's hub worlds are connected to the Gex Cave's central area, Mission Control. Bonus levels are also found throughout the hub worlds as well as Mystery TV. These bonus worlds do not have names.


  • Mission Control - Holiday Broadcasting, Mystery TV, Dial "A" for Arson (Secret)
  • Lake Flaccid - Tut TV, Army Channel, Western Station, The Buccaneer Program, Braveheartless (Secret)
  • Slappy Valley - Mythology Network, Fairytales TV, Anime Channel, The Abyssmal (Secret)
  • Funky Town - Gangster TV, Superhero Show, Cheesy Rider (Secret)
  • WWGex Wrestling (Boss)
  • Lizard Of Oz (Boss)
  • Channel Z (Boss)


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