PlayStation 3
Type Console
Controller Type(s) Dualshock, Logitech, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Move, Keyboard and Mouse
Playable Media PS games, PS2 Games (Early versions), PS3 Games, DVD, CD, Downladable Content
Color(s) Black (Common), Red, White, Blue
Released November 11, 2006
Predecessor PlayStation 2
Successor PlayStation 4
The PlayStation 3 is the third system in the PlayStation console line. It is the first PlayStation console to use the XrossMediaBar. It is also the first PlayStation console to have a wireless controller as a default controller. The original model of the PS3 was what most call the 'fat' model. The PS3 is also the first console to play Blu-Ray Discs.


A newer model was released called the PS3 Slim. It is a smaller and thinner version of the PS3.


he newest PS3 model, the PS3 SuperSlim is a very thin version of the PS3. It is the only version of the PS3 to have a slide feature to allow discs to be put in.



  • The PS3 has the best graphics out of all it's competitors (The Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii). It's MHz (MegaHertz (Unit of frequency of light and sound)) is 550 (The Xbox's being 500 MHz and the Wii's being 243 MHz).
  • The PS3 is the first PlayStation system to use internal memory (Unlike the PlayStation and PlayStation 2, which used memory cards).