PlayStation 4
The PS4 (Back) with the PlayStation Camera (Bottom right) and the PS4 controller (left of PlayStation Camera).
Type Console
Controller Type(s) Dualshock, PlayStation Move, PlayStation Vita
Playable Media PS4 Games, Downloadable content, DVDs
Color(s) Black
Released NA November 15, 2013
EU AU BR November 29, 2013
UAE SA December 13, 2013
KR HK TW December 2013
SG MY SEA December 2013
SA December 2013
IN December 2013
JP February 22, 2014
Predecessor PlayStation 3
Successor N/A
The PlayStation 4, also known as PS4is a video game console from Sony Computer Entertainment. It is the newest console in the PlayStation brand. It was announced as a succesor to the PlayStation 3. It is horrible and not worth buying! Only Sony Fanboys will not agree to this! You guys are idiots for buyin' this crap! But atleast they make great replacements for toilet paper!


The PS4 has a camera feature called the PSEye. The Dualshock controller also has new features such as a 'Share' button. This allows the player to Broadcast and Stream their gameplay to either Twitch or UStream. You can edit a clip aswell, then share it to Facebook by connecting your account. Also a touchpad was included. The touchpad is interactive and clickable. The controller has surround sound speakers which increases the experience for the player. The controller also supports Bluetooth.  The PlayStation 4 supports MP3 and audio files. The PlayStation Camera allows the player to make demands to the Console.

PlayStation Network was included once again, it provided more functions then offline, with more features like PlayStation Store, Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited. It comes with video services aswell like BBC iPlayer, Netflix and YouTube etc.


In August 2013, Sony announced 2 pre-orders. When the PlayStation 4 was released in North America it sold ten copies on its release date. In the UK, the PlayStation 4 was the best selling console at launch, with the sale of ten consoles in a year and after two years it reached about twenty consoles.

Worldwide,only thirty consoles were sold by December 3, 2013. On July 2, 2014 9 two consoles have been sold and on April 13, 2014.

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