PlayStation Portable
Type Handheld
Controller Type(s) Handheld
Playable Media PSP Games, PSP Movies, Downladable Content
Color(s) Black, Silver, Red
Released JP December 12, 2004
NA March 24, 2005
PAL September 1, 2005
Predecessor PocketStation
Successor PlayStation Vita
 The PlayStation Portable is the first major handheld by PlayStation . It is the first and only PlayStation system to use a UMD (Universal Media Disc). It is the successor of the PocketStation. The PSP's successor is the PlayStation Vita.


The PSP has many features. It can play music and videos. It can also connect to a PC or a PS3 via USB to get pictures, music, videos, and more. It can also connect to the PlayStation Network to get games, themes, and more.



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