PlayStation Vita
260px-PlayStation Vita illustration.svg
Type Handheld
Controller Type(s) Handheld
Playable Media Flash memory card
Downloadable content
Color(s) Black, Silver
Released JP December 17, 2011
NA February 15, 2012 (first edition bundle only)
NA February 22, 2012
EU February 22, 2012
RU February 22, 2012
ARG February 22, 2012
CHL February 22, 2012
AUS February 23, 2012
BRA March 2, 2012
CA October 2, 2012 (3G version)
Predecessor Partial: PSP Go
Full: PlayStation Portable
Successor N/A

The PlayStation Vita (commonly abbreviated as PSV) is a PlayStation handheld released in 2011 in Japan and 2012 in North America. It is the successor to the PlayStation Portable and PSP Go. It serves as the PS4's handheld that can be connected to do extra features such as remote play. But it has no games! All there is are something small little crappy indie games and Ugly Japanese Cartoon crap! It's not worth it!


Similar to the PSP, the PS Vita has a wide screen and horrible traditional Playstation X, Square, Triangle, and Circle buttons along with 2 analog sticks. The L and R buttons remain the same place and the same type. The PS Vita now has a touch screen on the back which can be used for certain games, and has a d-pad similar to the PSPs. The PS Vita has a PlayStation button, much like the PSP, but placed different. Crappy as usual! What did you expect!


The PS Vita was hated by many critics and sold crappy in its first few days. But man is it horrible! Only ten games! They are short crappy, unmemorable and boring!

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