Spider-Man WOS Red
Spider-Man, as seen in Web of Shadows
First Appearance Spider-Man (2000)
Species Human Mutant
Alliance(s) The Avengers
Furture Foundation
Heroes for Hire
New Fantastic Four
Affiliation(s) The Avengers
Venom Symbiote (Temporarily)
Venom (Temporarily)
Latest Appearance Lego Marvel Superheroes
Spider-Man is a mutant super-human who has starred in many video games. Like many other superheroes, he keeps his identity (Peter Parker) secret.

Origin StoryEdit

Note: This story is based off of Amazing Fantasy #15 (The first Spider-Man comic).

The widly known story of Spider-Man is about a high school "nerd" Peter Parker.

Peter goes to a new science exibit that just opened. A laser-type machine filled with radioactivity accidently shoots a spider that is dangling from the ceiling. The spider, in an attempt to stay alive, tries to get rid of it's radioactivity by biting the nearest living creature, which just happens to be Peter. Peter then gains amazing abilites, including his early danger warning system (his spider-sense), increased stamina, the ability to scale (climb) most surfaces, and super-strength. He then enters a ring match with "Crusher Hogan", a very muscular wrestler (Peter is disguised with a hankercheif over his head). After winning the match, Peter goes back home and starts to work on his web-shooters and his new costume. After showing off his new powers on T.V. (in his new costume) he finds a cop trying to catch a theif who stole money from the studio. The cop yells at Peter, but Peter just says that hes thru with being pushed around by others. afterwards, he continues showing off his amazing powers on T.V. One night, he returns home and finds a police car in front of his house. A cop tells Peter that his Uncle Ben has been killed. Peter demands to know who killed him. The cop tells Peter that it was a burglar who is now cornered at an old warehouse. Peter then quickly changes into his Spider-Man costume and goes to the warehouse. He then beats up the crook and then is shocked to find that it is the theif he let escape. He is then shown greiving about his uncle's death, saying that it's all his fault. He then swears to use his powers for good.


Spider-Man is brave person. He is always making jokes and puns. He is good at keeping his identity secret, but not great. His catchphrase is "I'm your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!".


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