278px-Ottsel Tess
First Appearance Jak II
Species Ottsel (formerly Human)
Alliance(s) Good
Affiliation(s) Jak and Daxter
Freedom League
Latest Appearance Daxter (Cameo)
Portrayed by Britton A. Hill
Series Jak and Daxter
Tess is a former member of the Underground and is currently a member of Haven City's Freedom League. She is also Daxter's love interest.


Jak IIEdit

Tess is introduced to Jak and Daxter at the Underground hideout in the Haven City Slums. She is later sent by the Underground to spy on Krew, a well-known ganglord, at the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon. While undercover, Tess begins to fall for Daxter as he tells her his heroic adventures. However, Tess is eventually arrested for her involvement with the Underground. Jak and Daxter rescue her soon after.

Jak 3Edit

After the events of the second game, Tess became a weapons and artillery expert. Taking up work at the gun course, she creates weapons for the war effort against the Metalheads and the KG Deathbots. Along the way, she gives Jak new weapon upgrades.

After the world is saved and the identities of the Precursors are revealed, Daxter wishes for a pair of pants. Tess then wishe she had a pair just like them. This wish is granted by the Precursors turning Tess into an ottsel.


Tess is an outgoing individual who is protective of Daxter. Unlike others, she believes almost everything he says. She is also committed to her weapons work.


  • In the secrets menu of Jak X: Combat Racing, there is an unlockable cutscene where Tess appears as a cameo.
  • Tess appears as a cameo in the ending cutscene of Daxter.


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