The Darkest Faerie
Developer(s) The Code Monkeys (PS1)
Idol Minds (PS2)
Publisher(s) SCEA
PlayStation Platform(s) PlayStation (Cancelled)
PlayStation 2
Release date(s) November 16, 2005
Genre Adventure
Rating(s) E (PS1)
E10 (PS2)
Mode(s) Single Player
The Darkest Faerie is a video game based on the Neopets universe. It was originally going to be for the PlayStation but was cancelled. Production on the game was later restarted for the PlayStation 2. The game's plot was based on a story written by one of the two Neopets founders, Adamn Powell.


Many years ago, a dark faerie was imprisoned at the bottom of Maraqua for attempting to take over Neopia. Her name was subsequently erased and she became known as "The Darkest Faerie". After one thousand years, the spell that imprisoned her became weak, allowing her to escape. When she returned to the surface, she put together a plan to conquer Neopia and take vengeance on Fyora, the Faerie Queen, for imprisoning her.


The game received mixed reviews. It was criticized for its graphics, bugs, and sound quality. However, a small cult following for the game has formed.



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