Tokyo Highway Battle
Tokyo Highway Battle
Developer(s) Genki
Publisher(s) Bullet Proof Software (JP)
Jaleco Entertainment (NA, EU)
PlayStation Platform(s) PlayStation
Release date(s) May 3, 1996 (JP)
September 30, 1996 (NA)
June 1997 (EU)
Genre Racing
Rating(s) K-A
Originally named Drift King, Tokyo Highway Battle is the first game in the Shutokō Battle series. It simulated illegal highway racing, which was most popular in the 60's and in Tokyo. The game was released 1996 for the PlayStation consoles and developed by Genki.


Based off of Shuto Expressway (a common place where illegal highway racing would take place in Tokyo), this game is all about racing on a highway, beating your opponent in the remaining time. The game also includes upgrades, such as installing turbo charges, exhausts, intakes, suspensions, breaks, and tires. There are over 12 cares to race with and is a 3D polygonal racer.


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